Sept 8, 2015

In 1648 there was a population of 750,000 Aborigines in about 500 tribal territories in Australia. What the Aborigines ate for food is kangaroo, moths, grubs, turtle eggs, fish, what the grow in there farms, and fruit bats. They would also have farms on which they would burn down there old vegetation and grow new and richer plants.

There hunting/weapons where made manly out of wood. They use boomerangs to hunt there food or fight there enemies. In each tribe there was about 1500 peoples.

Between 1648-1789 British Captain James Cook surveyed the East cost of Australia and from 1769-70 he claimed the land to the British empire. In 1788 they made a new settlement at Australia at the Port Jackson, Sydney Harbor. Sydney developed slowly but soldiers often got free land in Australia.

In the 1800’s Australia was fully colonized and many more cities were built by the ocean and also inland.

Many groups where hunted down and killed for more land and/or died of the Europeans diseases. Between 1890’s was a gold rush which busted the countrys wealth and population. In 1901 the British gave the country of Australia its independence and in 1911 the new city of Canberra has been designated the nations capital.

Australia was in world war 1 and 2 and was alliance with the USA and Britain. In world war 2 the Japanese put a base on Australia, so the Australians went to there country with the USA and dislodged the Japanese from there country.

Australia remains a strong country to this day.


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