Robin Hood And The Achery Contest – Lesson 60 English

I Love it and it is a great story

Education from Madi

The tale begins with a brave and fearless man named Robin Hood who became an outlaw after he had killed one of the king’s soldiers. Robin was banned from the village and he moved to Sherwood where he had met a man named Little John. Robin and Little John became buddies and were then called “The Merry Men”. The Sheriff of Nottingham announced to everyone in the village that he was holding an archery contest, but it was no ordinary contest. The King ordered this contest so they could find Robin Hood and capture him. Robin heard of this and decided to join in, but because he was banned from the village, he had to disguise himself like everyone else. Robin Hood came out of the forest on the day of the contest with his bow and his arrows ready.

The Sheriff came up to Robin and greeted him. “Ah…

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