Tornado/Hurricane – Lesson 25 English

Nice story.

Education from Madi

Last year, my mom and I were out shopping and their were a lot of clouds in the sky. When we were driving home, I noticed the clouds spinning but nothing was coming to the ground. I was telling my mom “Mom, look look! The clouds are spinning!”. My mom looked at them and texted my dad that we will be home soon. When we reached my neighborhood, the wind started to pick up and the trees were swaying. We pulled into the driveway when I heard “CRACK!”. I looked in my neighbors yard and saw a long, thick branch broke off of his tree. We quickly hurried inside when the wind picked up more and it started pouring. My dad and grandma sat outside while my mom and I got the candles ready. The house was shaking and I was a little nervous. We live behind a car dealership…

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