Lesson 75: English Essay

Read It.

Noteably Grace

How Holmes Solved the Case

The Red-headed League

Sherlock Holmes has done it again; solved another puzzling mystery and caught another criminal.  It all started when a man came to Sherlock Holmes with a case. It ended with John Clay going to jail.

His name was Mr. Jabez Wilson.  He was a pawnbroker.  His hair was also the color of fire.  He had an assistant named Vincent Spaulding who is actually the villain John Clay though Mr. Wilson didn’t know it.  Vincent showed Mr. Wilson a newspaper ad offering a high-paying job to any man with red hair.  Since business was slow for Mr. Wilson, he decided to interview for the job.  He got the job! His work was copying an encyclopedia.
Then one day, he went to work and a sign on the door said “The Red-headed League has been dissolved”. He was shocked!  In questioning the landlord he…

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