Lesson 70: English Essay


Noteably Grace


Genre are categories and types of literature and art.  In this paper I will be focusing on literary genres.  Genres are categories of literature that help the reader learn more about the book before they read it and what kind of story you might find inside.  A book might have more than one genre.  The biggest genre distinction is fiction and nonfiction or not real and real.

Nonfiction is a way smaller genre than fiction.  Nonfiction books have to be real while fiction is up to the author’s imagination.  Nonfiction includes biographies, and autobiographies.  Biographies are written about a person’s life by an author, while an autobiography is written by a person about their own life.  Nonfiction book are good to read even if they aren’t as interesting as fictional books.

Fiction is the biggest genre imaginable. There are many different genres within the fiction genre.  Some of the…

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