Four of the thirteen Colonies

Four of the thirteen Colonies


First colony that was established in the United States of America was Virginia in 1607. When they got their they had to make a profit before a certain time. They tried to pay some of the debt but their ship to London was attacked and they were back to nothing. So on the first winter 32 out of 105 colonists survived starvation. The next year after that more people died and when the boat of supplies came the colonists wanted to return to England but Lord Thomas de la Warr did not allow them to go back. He brought more people to the colony to learn from the Indians how to farm. First profitable export was tobacco.

The second colony established was Massachusetts. Massachusetts was the first religious colony founded. The colony got its name from the Massachusetts tribe that lived right by the colony, they made friends with the Indians and had the first Thanksgiving together. When they came they where so late in the year that they could only built 7 houses out of 19. Only 53 out of 102(about half) people died the first year. Then in the spring time an Indian walked boldly into town and started a friendly relationship with them. The colonists got help from a Indian named Squanto to help and teach them how to farm and live off the land. That was the help they needed and many survived the next winters after that.

Pennsylvania was the second last colony established and was one of the best ones. Pennsylvania translates to Penn’s Woods and was founded by William Penn in 1681. They were great to the Indians by not fighting with them, by buying the land from them, and by respecting the Indians.

Georgia was the last colony that was established and was the furthest south. Georgia was established for people who were in debt, in prison,  homeliness and could not get a job. Three laws James Edward Oglethorpe(who was a general for the king of England) made was that they were not allowed to have slaves, or alcohol, and small land plots.  The colony grow slowly but when he let alcohol, slaves, and larger land plots, the colony grow faster. THE END!


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