George Whitefield

George Whitefield


George was born in the Bell inn in December 27 1714 and was the fifth child out of seven. When the inn was in a hard time he was a servitor meaning he was at the lowest in college.

In college he meet the Wesley brothers and together they made a club called The holy club. Later on he went to America to preach to the people for repentance.

When he was there he went to the orphanage and made it his life. He went back to england to get funds for the orphanage. He made 7 trips in total from england to America.

George had a loud voice that could be heard for miles and he could preach to thousands of people at a time. Well Benjamin Franklin heard about George and how loud he was and a very good preacher.

He didn’t have a church to preach in so he preached in parks, fields, and other places. People said he could be heard from 5 miles away and you could still hear him clearly.

Franklin said to him self that if people say is true, then I will donate to the orphanage. Well after the meeting Franklin was a great friend to George and he donated his best buttons, all the coins in his pocket and more.

Whitefield died in the parsonage of Old South Presbyterian Church, Newburyport, Massachusetts, on September 30, 1770, and was buried, according to his wishes, in a crypt under the pulpit of this church. A bust of Whitefield is in the collection of the Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery.

John preached the funeral in england for George Whitefield as requested.

To people he was the greatest preacher of all and he brought lots of people back to church and to have hight standards.


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