World view

World view


Theism: It refers to the belief that God created the world yet transcends it, along with the idea that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.


The dragon and the raven is very good for this world view. He followed them into a storm. Then the enemy disappeared, the people on the Dragon saw an island, and then went on it to get some food. So Edward took to men with him to hunt when the enemy fell upon them, Edward did not want his men to lose the battle with him on their side, so he called to the men on his ship to leave without him.

The enemy killed the two men Edward brought with him and took him to the Master. He served the enemy’s Master for about two weeks, when they took him into a temple of theirs.

Little Men:

He fallen boy, whose name was Tommy, introduces himself and the new comer says that he is Nat. Nat then went and saw the mistress.

He appeared to be sick for the first night. that night he saw some pillows fly and he asked what is going on, the mistress, who is Mrs. Bhear aka Aunt Jo, told him what she had promised the boys if they would be good for the week. The next night he was a lot better, and then he noticed a picture in his room that he liked.


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