The Anglo-Spanish War

The Anglo-Spanish War


The Spanish Armada was a navy with over 130 ships that carried 23,000 men. The Armada was not built for sea battle but just to carry the soldiers to England and drop the soldiers there and fight. The English army was not as big as the Spanish army but the English navy had about 200 ships. The ships where small and easy to turn.

The war was for religions rights to which religion was in Europe and that the king, Philip II would rule England. The Armada took two days to leave port and when they reach England the English navy was guarding the ports. The first battle took place in the sea at Plymouth, and the second was at Portland and so on. The Spanish ships where badly damaged and when they were off the cost of Ireland, some ships went into the rocks and sunk. More soldiers died on the way back to Spain from illness, and from other countries. When the Armada finely reached port there were 67 ships and less then 10,000 men.


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