Pip and Gunpowder


Pip and Gunpowder


Nat and the boys were playing football, when a carriage came up the road and Mr. Laurence with a boy went into the school. When Mr. Laurence came out with the boy, the boy ran to us and said that his name is Pip. We all said welcome and our names. He then asked that he wanted to play with us and we said yes. We play for hours until it was super time. When we went in for super. Mr. Bhear let Pip sit by his right and Nat was allowed to sit by Pip. It was Saturday night, the night of the pillow fight. The pillow fight began.

It was so much fun because Pip did back flips and front flips when ever some one tried to hit him with a pillow. After the 15 min where up we went to bed. In the morning Pipe was no were to be fond, we look everywhere, but no Pip. Then we saw him come up the road with a smile on his face, we asked him what was the mater, and he said that he has fond Sulfur, Saltpeter, and Charcoal. All of the boy’s went with Pip to the stream in the woods. They built a hut and Pip put gunpowder in it and boom the hut was gone.

They went home all smelling like smoke.

They asked him what it was and he said gunpowder because the boys forgot what it was. They took some gunpowder back home and Teddy got hold of it and before he could eat some Mr Bhear walked in and took the powder away and told the boys to keep the black powder outside.

They went back the the stream and built a ship and put the rest of the gun powder in and lit it on fire.


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