Amerigo Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci


Amerigo was born on March 9 1454 Florence Italy to a merchant family and explored the new world to look for land to settle. He was then put in charge of a bank and then went on a exploration to the new world.

He went on the voyages to find gold and to find a new route to china, India, Asia, and more. He was a great navigator and made many maps and the country America is named after him.

He was a great man who discovered more land in America and he went on 4 more expeditions.

Not long after his return to Spain, Vespucci became a Spanish citizen. On March 22, 1508 he was made the pilot major of Spain by Ferdinand II of Aragon in honor of his discoveries. Vespucci also ran a school for navigators. He died on February 22, 1512 at his home in Seville, Spain and was buried at Vespucci family burial place in Florence, Italy.

Vespucci was a cousin of the husband of Amerigo Vespucci. He married Maria Cerezo. One of the very few references to Amerigo’s wife is contained in a royal decree dated May 22, 1512 giving his widow, Maria Cerezo a lifetime pension of ten thousand marvedis per annum deducted from the salary of her husband’s successor.


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