William Tell

William Tell



William lived in the mountains were the shepherds lived. Down in the valley where the town was lived happy people, until one day the soldiers came from the Hapsburg family to take all Switzerland. Switzerland was organized into small states known as cantons, these cantons united to rebel against the Hapsburg’s to get there freedom back. The Hapsburg’s did not like this so they sent more soldiers to make peace. The governor that the Hapsburg’s put in charge was Gessler who hung a hat on a poll in the middle of the market and said “Who ever passes this hat has to bow to it and to me”. The people fearing Gessler, bowed down to the hat and Gessler. How ever one man did not bow down to the hat or to Gessler, and his name was William Tell. William Tell was a good archer and liked to hunt. Gessler herd that William would not bow to the hat, so he put William and his son into prison. Gessler herd how great an archer William was and set a challenge. William was to shot a apple which was on his sons head. He pleaded to the governor to not do it but Gessler stood firm.

On 18 November 1307 William did the shot and split the apple into two. Gessler saw that William had a second arrow in his jacket. Gessler asked what is that arrow for, William said it was to pierce your heart if my son died or if you harm him. At this Gessler got mad and sent William to the castle of Küssnacht to be put in prison for life on the way there a storm came upon them and the soldiers were afraid the ship would founder so they released William to steer the ship because of his strength. He steered the ship to shore and took a spear and ran and jumped to shore and ran for his life. He was headed for Küssnacht to assassinate Gessler. He got to a rocky and narrow path because they were going to come throw the cliff path. He got on top loaded a arrow in his bow and when Gessler came he let go and killed Gessler. This started the people to realize that they can fight for there freedom, so every one took up arms and went to battle.

When the Hapsburg’s heard about the Swiss killed Gessler he made a large army and went to Switzerland for battle. William and his band where expecting them and went on mountains where narrow paths were. When they came the swiss dropped logs and rocks on then, many where killed and wounded. The Hapsburg’s retreated and did not fight Switzerland again.



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