The Hanseatic League

Hanseatic League


The Hanseatic League was a trade organization establish in the 14th to 17th century. The trade started when the German governor rebuilt Lübeck (the Capital of the trade group. Then Lübeck joined with Hamburg to make the salt fish trade which means that you can only buy your fish at Lübeck or Hamburg. Then more towns and cities started to join and build up the trade group. It wasn’t till 1358 the League was established.

The towns and cities made small armies and commercial ships to go with the traders. They did this so when the pirate came they would be able to kill them and get the goods on board. At its peek the trade had 70 to 170 towns and cities. Instead of just trading salt fish they even traded iron, copper, cloths, flax, wheat, food, wax, slaves, fur, wood, timber, tar, honey.

The end of the League was in the 17th century when Scotland got its independence back which weakened the league. Denmark weakened the league more by also getting its independence back which made people self-centered and the league went away.

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