The Crusade

The Crusade


The first crusade was the most successful one because they did as the priest said Deus Vult which means God Wills it. The first part of the crusade went and took the mountain pass and had very bad water and no food. Most people were forced to drink there urine, animals blood, sewage water and more. They got sick and died on the way to Jerusalem. Before they went the Pope said that if you are killed you well go strait to heaven or if you go to war and come back alive the you will go strait to heaven when you die. They began there trip in 1095 and made it to Jerusalem in 1099. The battle was mostly known for the massacre there. They estimated 70,000 dead. The pope won the battle.

The second crusade was a failure. Because the did not capture Jerusalem and the pope was mad and they called for a third crusade. The third crusade failed and they called for a fourth crusade. The fourth and fifth crusades were unsuccessful because they ran out of supplies and money. Some of the people that went on the trip said lets rad the towns, cities, and more by the seaside. They did that and when they got to one of the mean cities the massacred the place and took the valuable things. The pope was mad and was going to banish them but when he saw the valuables he said that it was a evil thing the was good. The pope let them stay in the church.

Many people died in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth crusades. The crusades started in 1095 and ended in 1453 when they were an empire.


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