the black death was a plague that happened in the mid-14th century and is still happening today. The black death came on a small fleet of trade ships, when they came to shore (port) the people were very astonished by how many people died. They also saw black spots on the sailer’s which oozed blood. The mare of the town sent them on there way to try and avoided the plague but it was to late and all the people that looked at them got sick and died. This is just the begging of the 5 years+ of death.

The plague started in the main ports of the country and went in the cities, towns, villages, farms, and more. When the plague hit people fled to the countries and that was a mistake because they where killed or got ill from the black death. The safest place to go was out to sea but you would have to watch out for rats and fleas. The black death is carried by the black rat, the black rat carried the flea across the ocean and that is how the sailer’s got the black death.

There is one nursery rime that is part of the black death and describes what happened. Ring around the Rossy, A pocket fill of posy, Ashes Ashes we all fall down. Ring around the Rossy means the red boils with rings around them, A pocket fill of posy means that the air was so bad that people would go and pick flowers and put them as close to there nose as possible, Ashes Ashes we all fall down means they had to burn the bodies to keep up with the death.

This is a true story and the next time you say that nursery rime remember the black death and how many people died. There was 50-60% of Europe’s population that died, THE END.


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