The Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings


William desperately wanted to be king of England. The only way to become either king is to kill the king or he promises promise you to be the next king. When king Edward died he left no direct heir to the thrown. So Harold became king and had to go North for war from the invasions from the vikings. The vikings had left there chain mail armor in the hot sun and when they saw the Saxons they regretted taking off their armor. The vikings were brutally beaten battle and that is when he got a messenger that the Normans were approaching the town of Hastings. They moved the army in a couple of weeks and still were able to get the high ground.

The armies were about equal strength and number. This battle lasted a whole day from early in the morning unto late at night. The battle took place in the 14th of October in 1066. 7 miles North-west of Hastings. The battle was at the modern town Battle. The Normans had advantages and they were, knights from France were about 3000 out of 10,000 men, they had archers, and people behind the shields that had big two handed axes that can chop a horse in two. The Saxons were all on foot, and only had rocks to throw, they had the two handed axes and swords. They fought and fought until night. The bishop was with them and saw the king died. The king was struck by the arrow first then four knights came and killed him in the spot.

Seeing that the king was dead the survivors fled for there lives. William went to London to take the title as king, but he was rejected by the people. He was finally made king in December 1066 and he died on the 9th of September 1087 after ruling for 21 years. He lived for 59 years. Well that is the end of the Battle of Hastings.


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