100 year war

The Hundred Years War


The hundred years war started in 1337 when the French king Charles IV died in 1328. Isabella was unable to claim the thrown because she was a girl and her son was rejected by the people so that he was not king, but Edward III could not become king even thou he was the closest hare to the thrown. Philip IV became the next king of France which started the hundred years war.

The war started in 1337 when the king of England did not become the king of France when he was the closest hare to the thrown. This war lasted for 116 years one of the longest wars (the longest war lasted for 335 years, it was a civil war and the shortest war lasted for 38 min). This one hundred years war was the longest war in the medievals time. In the battle of Poitiers the Black Prince had a small army compared to the French. The Black Prince ask for aid from his father but got none, but he won the war at Poitiers.

His name was spreed throw England and France on how he won the war against the French. They captured the king of France and the French signed a peace treaty. King John died in prison in 1364, and Charles V became king of France. The king of England and The Black Prince were in failing health and in the year 1376 the Prince died a year before his father and King Henry V became king of England (Henry V was not king of France).

King Henry V made a army of 30,000 men and invaded France. When they landed the army got sick and only 15,000 men survived. But on the opposite side the France had an army of 50-60,000 men. They meat at a small muddy felled at Agincorut.

They had a battle and the French lost and England won. The French lost 6,000 troops to the English lost 400 troops.

But in the 1412 Joan of Arc was born, when she was twelve years old she claimed to have heard and seen angels which told her that she would bring France out of the English hands and would conker the English. When she was 16 years old she went to the king to tell him the message she got from the angels. The king refused her two times and on the third time he allowed Joan to take a small army of about 4000 men. They made her special armer that was white and gave her a white horse.

When she was eighteen she mounted her war horse and went to battle and won many battles. When Charles got the craig to go to the place to be crowned king. He was crowned king and asked Joan to keep fighting for the country. Joan did as he asked and was captured and burnt at the stake when she was nineteen years old.



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