John was 16, the oldest boy and the oldest of the family. He had two brothers and two sisters. His mom was 30 yeas old and his dad was 32 years old. His sisters were Sara was 9 years old and Rebeka was 14 years old . His two brothers were Jarom was 11 years old and Jacob was 12 years old. On May 2nd in the morning a tornado hit the city 10 km away. School was canceled and buildings were destroyed. The tornado was spinning 300km/h and was traveling 60km/h. The city population was 100,000 people and had 90,000 buildings. The tornado was going strait for there house and fast. They had 10 minutes to find a safe place and if they didn’t they were died. They found a place safe enough to hide. Just 1 minute later the tornado came over us and destroyed our house and the entrance of the safe place. 10 minutes after the tornado passed we went out to see the damage.

Only 60,000 people survived the tornado. 10,000 buildings were left standing up with little damage. We radioed in for help and in two days came help from the U.S.A.. But the the Church of Jesus Christ first came and help clean up on the day of the tornado. We were grateful and went with them and helped clean up the mess and rebuild houses. It took ten days of hard labor with 10,000 Mormons we built 1000 houses, they even provided water and food that thy made or persecute. Then two years later another tornado happened in a town 100km away. We went there and help tidy up the mess when John meet Mandy. Mandy was 17 years old and was blond with blue eyes, she loved horses and her favorite color was blue. The town population was 10,000 with 9000 houses.

Mandy lived in the same city as John and then he asked her out on a date in May 12 1980. That was two years later. They meet every Saturday at the swimming pool and go off the diving board together. The day came on a Monday when there was no school. They had a good time and had lots of fun.


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