First thing I would want would be a AWP (Accuracy International 92) with 1000 rounds ammunition at least, the reason why is that it is a sniper rifle that I can hunt with and use to protect me. This rifle is 6.5 kg and can fire a bullet 850m/s and is better used for 800m. This gun is portable on ships. The second thing I want would be a tomahawk with grinding stone. Tomahawk to throw and cut down trees.

Fluffy was on a ship to Brazil when a storm arose and the ship foundered between Jamaica and Haiti. I was the only one alive on the island with my rifle and tomahawk. I found the wreck and a water purifier for the salt water because there was no stream. I also found a GPS and some soler panels. I found a shirt not mt size. I got the GPS working and saw how long the island was and a light house that was 1.63km (1mi) away from me. I even measured the island. The island about 3km long and 2km wide. The name of the island is Navassa Island. I got my gun ready and went south west to the light house and found a person there eating then I went north west to the far side of the island and through my tomahawk at a bird and killed it then I made a fire to cook it. When it was done I ate it and it was good meat. I got some wood and cloth from the ship and went and made me a tent. I even found 100% cotton shirt and a tuna can. I found a pipe with a piece of rod and a saw, a handle, and some food. I made a fire and with the 100% cotton shirt I cut it up and put it in the tuna can and put it over the fire. With the pipe and rod I cut them to equal lengths and and put them together to make and igniter for my fire. With the cotton I have is now called char cotton. I put the char cotton it the igniter and with one whack it started to burn. I put it with my timber I had and I had a fire. With the AWP I went hunting and shot a seal.

I was walking out on the beach the next day when I came upon some cannibals chasing a boy wanting to catch him and eat him because they had no food and they only come once every 15 months. I had my AWP and got to the ground and aimed, the fired, I got him in the head and all the rest stopped and looked around them to see what made the noise the I shot again and another head shot the rest ran away and I went after the boy. When I found the boy he was half dead with fright from the noise, I took him to my camp and gave him food and water and I named him Friday because it was Friday when I rescued him. He learned English from me and when me and him went to the shore I found another AWP witch I gave to Friday, I also found a keg of gun powder. With the powder I built a trap, when the cannibals came again they came to the trap and pushed the powder over messing it on the ground and when I fired the half tribe of cannibals were killed and me and Friday kept firing and killing as many as possible. We even ran after them and killing them on the way. We killed a total of 20 cannibals, and only 2 wounded from the shot in the back had escaped. Well soon a ship came and picked us up and me and Friday went to Canada where I found out that I was rich.

With the money I bought the island and a ship, a plane, and a helicopter. I built a house on the island and a runway for the plane to land on plus a helicopter landing pad. I would take my family and friends for a vacation (that include Friday) and more. Every 15 months we would hunt for cannibals and kill them and feed them to our pets. After awhile the cannibals did not return but Friday wanted me to go to Brazil to meat his family and his tribe. We got on board the ship and sailed off to Brazil. The place was in the rivers mouth (amazon river). The island is -0.015908, -49.473316. The place was -0.028400, -49.754198 we landed at the NE side of the island were the savages were. They were few in numbers from the years of war with the enemy but welcomed me and the gun that I carried. Me and Friday built towers out of wood and went up and saw cannibals coming. We told the tribe and they were afraid of the cannibals which was there enemy. I fired and one went down and the tribe jumped and were scared from the noise. Friday told them it was to kill the enemy and would do no harm to them. I told Friday to go to the ship and get the Gatling gun. He did what I told him and placed it behind a barricade. When he was finished he aimed and fired, he killed many men and his own tribe was afraid. At the end of the war (which we killed all of them) we went back to the ship and brought out lots of food for them and gave them 10 STEYR AUG’s, 2 AWP’s, 5 AK-47’s, and 3 SSG08’s. When I left to go to my island the tribe asked if they can go with us and live on the island, and I said yes. I got ready for the voyage when I realized that a army of cannibals came from the the east. At that the tribe came on board and with them at arms and Friday at the Gatling gun we killed them all.

We got to my island and ate cake and had a feast. We made many houses and huts for the people. I would go to Canada, U.S.A., or Mexico for food and supplies. Me and Friday had lots of fun on the island and we would go and find new things every day and well hope you like the story and that you would keep reading my essays and that I would updating weekly.




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