Robin meets Jack

Robin meets Jack


Robin was walking at the edge of Sherwood forest on his way to the Black pool. He started were they lived, in the depths of the forest and went west to the highway and started his walk. Half way he saw a fellow walking the direction he was just across the the log used for a bridge. Robin walk faster and same with the other person. They both got to the bridge at the same time.

Robin said step aside stranger and let me pass first. But the stranger back fired at Robin saying let me pass for I am bigger and stronger then you.

Robin said this can only be chosen for the person who dose best in the quarterstaff fight. So Robin and the stranger got on the log and started the fight when Robin saw his chance he went and hit the stranger on the head but the stranger returned the blow right on the rib cage. But Robin returned the blow hitting the stranger off the log and into the water.

Robin blows his horn three times to signal the rest of the band. The band came in a hurry and asked there master what is wrong. Robin said get him and make him one of us and Robin ask what is your name? The stranger said Jack.

Robin said take Jack home well I’ll go on my trip. When Robin came back from the walk he had the feast was ready and he put Jack on his right hand. The feast was served and and they laughed and had archery challenges and more.

The next day Robin goes to Nottingham with three yeoman, little John, Will Scarlet, and Jack. They were about 1/6 of the way they saw the king pass by, he was headed to Leeds to a meeting. They kept going until they reached Nottingham. They went and got Lincoln Green cloths for Jack so he would be like them.

When they got back to Sherwood Forest, the merry men of the band of Robin Hood prepared a feast. They had a merry time until they went to sleep.

During the the night Robin was kid napped. The kid nappers were taking Robin

to Leeds. Robin’s men got up the next morning and did not see there master. They went two by two to look for Robin. Little John and Jack went together on horses to Leeds. They traveled fast and when they were close to Leeds they saw Robin, so they galloped to them and had a duel. They wounded the kid nappers and freed Robin Hood. They went to Sherwood and got all the men and had a feast.



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